"I had my first kinesiology appointment with Rachel during a particularly difficult time, when prolonged periods of stress had resulted in a sense of imbalance, both emotionally and physically. I was low on energy, tearful and sluggish with recurrences of previous digestion issues and joint pain.

Rachel’s approach is very whole-person. Whilst she can test for particular intolerances with food and so on, she is also able to identify and resolve issues with the body’s energy flow, literally unblocking your system by listening to and feeling what’s going on. Effects are both immediate and ongoing and I left the treatment room in a state very different from the one I was in beforehand.

The holistic nature of the treatment means that causes of specifically manifesting issues are addressed for longer term impact. Alternatively, if you’re just feeling a bit out of sorts, a good going-over can really help restore the equilibrium. Highly recommended."

Hatty Richmond