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Green Key philosophy is based on a naturopathic holistic ideal and guides treatment approach. Health is not just absence of illness, but bountiful energy. We believe that when the body is given the right conditions it can heal itself.

Everyone is unique: We understand that everyone is unique and therefore will respond to treatment in different ways. Treatment is tailored specifically to you whether kinesiology, herbal medicine, naturopathy or a combination of all therapies.

The whole person is treated: We look to finding and treating the root cause of your ill health. We do not only treat the symptoms.  Treatment might take longer, however in the end, both the symptoms and the dis-ease have been treated, and we give you the tools to sustain your future health and wellbeing.

Education: Green Key interactive courses have been designed to help you educate yourself in how to lead a healthier, happier life into and beyond your senior years. 

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What clients say:

When you first meet Rachel, you are encouraged by the fact that she lives her passion and is a testament to her career.

She draws from her wealth of knowledge and experience and has a holistic...
D Raymond
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Kate L