Case studies

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Initial meeting with Mrs S, a retired gardener was to address osteoarthritis pain, diagnosed in 2020, and to find the causes and remedies. At 67, Mrs S’s mobility was very poor. She walked with the aid of a stick and found it difficult to go up and down stairs. Most of the time in pain in both knees and her shoulders, she tried to manage this by taking two Ibuprofen every day, but was still suffering, causing severe restrictions to her daily.

Client expectations:

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This case study encompasses both my professional roles as an alternative healthcare practitioner and corporate wellbeing training provider. The aim of the case study is to encourage you to assess the impact of executing a decision on the health of those who are involved, perhaps through no fault of their own and therefore what could have been done differently.

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Parkinson’s is a slowly progressive disease usually occurring later in life. It is characterised by a tremor in resting muscles that is caused by the loss of nerve cells in the part of the brain called the substantia nigra. These particular nerve cells are responsible for producing dopamine which acts as a messenger between parts of the brain and the nervous system to control and co-ordinate body movement. If these cells become damaged or die and are not replaced, it reduces the amount of dopamine in the brain, thus causing movements to become slow and abnormal.

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Mrs D is 63 years old and works for a local business that is located next door to a large hospital. She came to me through recommendation due to increasing sensitivity in the last few months to chemicals and anything emitting volatile organic compounds. These sensitivities have been increasing to the point that she can barely leave her home.

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Mrs C is a divorced lady in her early 50’s.  She is a very successful counsellor specialising in relationships between couples.  A reasonably active person who works out about 3 x weekly as well as walking the dog.  Mrs C has several major stresses in her life, the main stress is due to an alcoholic ex-partner who lives with her eldest son. There is no animosity in the relationship, however her son finds it difficult to handle his father’s drinking which affects his moods and overall wellbeing.  The second major stress is the mental health of her middle son who is agrophobic.  He lives in the same house as his mother with her current partner.  Mrs C originally came to see me with the following symptoms:


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Mr F was recently referred to me by one of his colleagues who has been a client in the past.  The Covid-lockdown appeared to be the final straw.  A married, self-employed man with family, and someone who has been suffering from anxiety and depression since his mid 30’s.  Mr F is now in his mid 50’s. 

Under the care of a local mental health unit he had been put on several medications including Fluorxetine and Mirtazapine, the latter of which knocked him out, blurring all his mental faculties.  In desperation he took an overdose, was rushed into hospital and because of the quick response of the paramedics, luckily survived.

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Miss W is in the last year of her schooling, opting to go out to work through an internship programme rather than continue her education in the school environment.  Miss W is a single child of divorced parents.  She spends her time between both parents on an agreed weekly schedule.  Overall, she has an acceptance of the situation however, does not appear to have a close relationship to either her father or her mother.

Case overview

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Mrs J is a married lady in her 50’s who works on a daily basis within her family business.  She understands the importance of taking care of herself though diet and creating “me time” in which she focuses on her wellbeing, very often outside in nature. Diagnosed as coeliac several years ago, consequently avoids all wheat and gluten products. 

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Mr G. is a 59 year old self employed man who enjoys winter sports, but does not actively exercise on a daily or weekly basis.  As a widower he cooks for himself in the evenings after a full day at work.  He came for a consultation for two main reasons:  low libido and feelings of sluggishness.  His third priority within the consultation was for hay fever that he has suffered from since his mid teens and which usually comes on in March, but for the last two years has started in January.

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Mrs D is a 43 year old female of Afro-Caribbean descent.  She works part time and is a mature student.  On 25th December 2016 her sister died of breast cancer.  She was on her way to see her in Barbados, but never got to say “goodbye” arriving after her death. Understandably, this loss caused Mrs D considerable grief.   When she came to see me she had been suffering pain radiating in her lower back on the left side for some time, which also sometimes caused her severe nausea.  After an ultrasound, cervical smear and CA125 test (tumour markers), her doctor diagnosed the pain as a functional ovarian cyst (suspected benign) which was 5cm in size and was putting pressure on the lower back due to lack of space for growth.