Mr M – 60 Year Old Male Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a slowly progressive disease usually occurring later in life. It is characterised by a tremor in resting muscles that is caused by the loss of nerve cells in the part of the brain called the substantia nigra. These particular nerve cells are responsible for producing dopamine which acts as a messenger between parts of the brain and the nervous system to control and co-ordinate body movement. If these cells become damaged or die and are not replaced, it reduces the amount of dopamine in the brain, thus causing movements to become slow and abnormal.

Mr M is a 60 year-old male married, with a mature offspring of 20. He had to retire from his work due to the increase in tremors caused by Parkinson’s. A calm person who takes most in his stride. Looking back, he suspects that his grandfather and father both died of Parkinson’s, but neither were officially diagnosed. He is on the most common medication for Parkinson’s, Levodopa in combination with Propranolol which his doctor prescribed for the effective control of tremors. Diagnosed in 2015 the tremors have been slowly increasing and consequently so has the dosage of Levodopa and Propranolol.

Mr M’s daily nutrition is based on a fresh diet with plenty of vegetables and protein, with limited intake of simple carbohydrates and no grains. Very seldom eats desserts. His lifestyle is generally non-pressurised and he avoids getting tired due to overworking or stressful situations, as he has found that this increases the intensity of the tremors.

Mr M described himself as being healthy all his life with very few incidents of illness since tonsilitis at the age of about 10. Seldom gets the seasonal flu. Generally, a hot person, but does not tolerate heat well. About a year ago he started to get acid reflux, which ceased after making changes to his diet. Sleeps well, usually six hours a night. Does suffer on occasions from low blood pressure. In addition to the tremors, he suffers from stiffness mainly down the left side of his body. Has several mercury fillings.

The main thought behind the causes of Parkinson’s is genetic and environmental factors. Having the genetic link does not mean that it will be switched on, but in the case of Mr M, something has triggered it.

Client expectations – to slow the tremors and overall progression of the disease.

First consultation

He was prescribed Chorella to clear the mercury toxicity found in his body. Dose starting with 10 tablets twice a day, increasing to 20 tablets twice daily after 10-14 days. Thyro Complex was also prescribed to help support the thyroid gland and to supply his system with essential multi nutrients. Soul’s Grief Release, Shadow Warrior and Revelation orchid essences were also prescribed.

Follow up 4 weeks later

The Chlorella led to an increase in tremors initially and then they died down to slightly less than at the starting position. His energy had increased and he was able to raise his arms higher than before. The downside was an increase in bladder sensitivity. This was no surprise as the body was detoxifying and using all avenues to do so. Later this went back to his “normal” levels of sensitivity.

Protocol in this consultation - as mercury was still showing, but down from 4 to 2, the next step was to detox both the liver and the kidneys with a herbal tincture containing Dandelion root, Berberis and Achillea. After a 2-week detox he started taking Mico Rei and Mico Leo (Hifas da Terra) – Reishi and Lions Mane mushrooms in capsule form together with Vitamin C to increase absorption. Mushroom supplements were continued for a further two months.

Outcome: - Tremors increased in intensity, but for shorter periods, rather than slower for longer periods. Overall increase in energy, giving a better quality of life so that he is able to do more.

One year on:

After seeing Mr M for consultation approximately every six weeks for the last 12 months, the following are the main observations and outcomes:

  • After clearing mercury viruses began to show including Epstein Barr and Coxsackie viruses which will be addressed in the next layer of cleansing. (This is not unusual when clearing mercury from the body.
  • Levodopa was increased by his doctor at the time he started on a homeopathic combination remedy for Parkinson’s, therefore it is difficult to tell which is responsible for reducing the tremors.
  • Slow in the morning with more stiffness which eases after a couple of hours, but overall enjoys increased energy and feels that he is improving.
  • Suffers fewer days with low mood.

Currently on the homeopathic remedy with two orchid essences – Coming Alive and Being Within, as well as CoQ10 - 2 capsules daily.

Throughout treatment he has been taking daily 5,000iu vitamin D3, 1,000mg vitamin C and a multi vitamin.

Naturopathic Advice:

  • Take up stretching in a form of exercise that helps to increase flexibility, such as yoga, pilates or qigong to help with body movement and flexibility
  • Add herbs and spices to food, especially organic turmeric, ginger, cardamon and herbs such as thyme, oregano, rosemary and basil
  • Cook from fresh and avoid all processed and low-fat foods
  • Use oils - olive, coconut in cooking and on salads
  • Use methods of cooking that extract maximum vitamins and minerals though long slow cooking to create casseroles, stews and bone broths
  • Avoid aluminium and non-stick cookware.
  • Remove all mercury fillings
  • Minimise use of Smart devices.

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