Mrs C - Adrenal Overload

Mrs C is a divorced lady in her early 50’s.  She is a very successful counsellor specialising in relationships between couples.  A reasonably active person who works out about 3 x weekly as well as walking the dog.  Mrs C has several major stresses in her life, the main stress is due to an alcoholic ex-partner who lives with her eldest son. There is no animosity in the relationship, however her son finds it difficult to handle his father’s drinking which affects his moods and overall wellbeing.  The second major stress is the mental health of her middle son who is agrophobic.  He lives in the same house as his mother with her current partner.  Mrs C originally came to see me with the following symptoms:


  • Mental and physical exhaustion
  • Loss of libido
  • Depressive tendencies for which she takes Prozac medication


Other symptoms revealed during the consultation when taking the case history and doing a full kinesiology session on her were as follows:  She found it difficult to concentrate, felt pressured in her head, and found it difficult to speak after a day’s work, which was all affecting her relationship with her partner.  Overall feeling that she had lost her quality of life.  Sleep most nights was good, even though she might wake to visit the bathroom, but did not feel refreshed on waking.  Had the tendency to develop an itchy, red skin when she gets stressed.  In the course of the conversation, I also revealed that she had suffered three miscarriages.  Arthritis present in the left big toe and in her hands.  From a point of view of self-confidence, Mrs C was feeling a bit hypocritical due to the fact that she is counselling couples on their relationship when her own was not well due to her constant exhaustion and low libido.

The principles of treatment for this client were initially to address adrenal exhaustion and grief around her first relationship, the difficulties with her youngest son and the relationship with her parents.  The latter only became clear during the treatment.  The herbal tincture prescribed included mainly adaptogenic and nervine herbs to calm the whole system down.  In addition, I prescribed a calming tea that she could drink throughout the day, which would also help in re-hydration.  The tea included Lavender, Lemon Melissa and Calendula. 


The tincture included:

  • Bacopa monnieri (anti-depressant, anxiolytic, adaptogen)
  • Gingko biloba (brain tonic, cardio tonic and adaptogen)
  • Rhodiola rosea (adaptogen, brain tonic and         )
  • Avena sativa (nervine, sedative, nutritive herb)


Whilst working with this client, I chose the Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology to help reveal more about the underlying emotions.  The first session revealed:

Lack of sense of identity and self.  On a deeper level the client has not accepted herself and the destiny of her soul.  Perhaps there is an unwillingness to accept her path of destiny in this life because it is too “hard” or unpleasant.  Bringing Mrs C to a place of acceptance was key to correcting any imbalances in her health. Correction was made at the time using an affirmation, and to continue to work with restoring personal identity, I prescribed the appropriate orchid essence.

Her first chakra was down – For Mrs C the indication was lack of grounding, potentially issues with her “tribe” – her family, close friends and relatives.  As it turned out she was having a lot of difficulty with her mother, who in Mrs C’s words appeared to want to control how she lives her life.

In combination with this all levels of the “DPS” (pelvic triangle) were down indicating that she had withdrawn her power.  This is also seen in the lack of self-identity.  For this the Base Trio of orchid essences were prescribed – Unconditional Snuggles (Gives a gentle, comforting and lasting embrace), Unveiling Affection (Helps us hold affection in our hearts for ourselves and others) and Child’s Play (to lighten the load and bring a sense of wellbeing). Mrs C also had an active shadow receptor for which Shadow Warrior was prescribed.  The shadow affects the human psyche and is capable of altering the soul’s journey into the light by deviation, obstruction or confusion.  The Shadow is not only about deviation of the soul’s journey, but can also affect the functioning of the 4th chakra (heart chakra), which will not function correctly unless the Shadow is corrected. Shadow Warrior clears inner vision and brings about change in the patient’s perception to connect with a deeper reality and aid the soul’s journey.


Additional supplements prescribed:

4,000 iu Vitamin D3 daily and Vitamin B Complex.


In the follow up consultation approximately one month later results were as follows:

Energy levels slightly improved, but still she was still getting very tired. Moods were much better with less fluctuations.  Sleep improved and was feeling refreshed on waking.  No change in libido and was still experiencing difficult focusing on what had to be done.

During this consultation, I performed a full vitamin/mineral check, and advised to continue with Vitamin D3.  Levels of vitamins E and C were low as were several minerals. For this I prescribed a Multi-vitamin together with Vitamin D3.

The foundation of the herbal tincture was the same with some small was tweaks. Focus remained on adrenal support and energy levels with the use of adaptogens and nervine herbs together with brain tonics.

Further advice given included the use of affirmations daily around self-love which were formulated during the consultation.

Dietary advice included protein at breakfast, increasing vegetables and being mindful whilst eating, whilst also increasing water intake to minimum 1.5 litres daily.

She was advised to get outside and walk for 20 minutes daily.

Five months later this client was doing very well.  She had discussed coming off Prozac with her doctor and had stopped this medication under his supervision. Her general wellbeing was at 7/10 from 1/10 five months earlier.  Sleep was also 7/10 and energy levels 6/10 which was 1/10 on the first consultation.  Depressive moods were very seldom and she was generally feeling more positive having mostly committed to the treatment protocol after each consultation.  Libido had not yet returned, but all in all she was very happy with her progress.


In summary, Mrs C, has several aspects of her life which she finds difficult to remove and to a certain degree control, as both involve her children.  The inability to process emotions around both her sons, meant that she was constantly leaking energy until the point where her own body started to “collapse” with exhaustion. Through therapeutic energy kinesiology (TEK) it was possible to remove some of the blockages and restrictive patterns of thinking that were not serving her. In fact these patterns were holding her in a downward spiral to ill-health leading to symptoms of depression, lack of energy and libido as well as brain fogginess.

Her lifestyle, with some small corrections helped to bring about a feeling of wellness, especially hydration, getting outside into fresh air and nature on a daily basis and the inclusion of positive self-talk and affirmations.  The latter helping her regain self-confidence, which together with the orchid essences prescribed helped also with compassion for herself, easing tension in her relationships.


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