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Mr M started suffering with Gout in his mid 30’s. It was something his Dad had experienced, and simply thought that it was a genetic issue and there was little that could be done. Initially the attacks were roughly six months apart, which sometimes resulted in the need to take very occasional days off work due to the discomfort and pain.   Gout is when the body is unable to break down uric acid that can lead to the formation of crystals especially in the joints, causing extreme inflammation and pain, especially in the big toe.

Mr M historically has always been rather sporty - regularly running and cycling and considered his diet to be healthy. Very few ‘takeaways’, not over-indulging in cakes, sweets, fizzy drinks and processed foods.  More often than not preparing food from base ingredients at home.

Wind forward to life in his late 50’s and the attacks grew in frequency and intensity to a point six months ago when due to a Gout attack Mr M was forced to take nearly two weeks off work.  During that time sleep was impossible for around a week in the middle of the attack. The doctor prescribed a daily medication (Allopurinol) that made him feel lethargic as well as suffering from several side effects that were almost worse than the Gout itself.

Due to these side effects an alternative drug was prescribed (Febuxostat) that was to be taken as soon as he felt that an attack coming on and then continue through the period of the attack. For some time these were effective at considerably lessening the attacks.

After another attack, with the medication having no impact, he decided that something had to change.  It was at this point that Mr M came to see me for a consultation and kinesiology treatment.   As alternative medicines had an appeal to Mr M, he engaged fully in advice given as well as taking the prescribed herbs.

To assist this client and address the Gout attacks, I employed a multi-pronged approach, including a lifestyle and diet assessment.   The client lives a well-balanced lifestyle including exercise, work and positive outlook on life, therefore lifestyle only required a few small tweaks to make improvements.  However, on assessing Mr M’s diet, whilst “healthy”, it contained many acid forming foods, which are the primary trigger for the production of uric acid, leading to Gout.  For three months all alcohol, wheat, dairy, red meat and caffeine were removed from his diet.  Whilst this appears rather tough, when assessing the level of each Gout attack and understanding that they were getting worse as well as more often, Mr M was ready to follow the advice if the desired outcome was to be achieved. 

In combination with dietary changes, after ensuring all avenues of elimination were working correctly, Mr M underwent a 3-day kidney cleanse followed by a liver detox using different herbal tinctures.  At each consultation he also received a kinesiology treatment.  Kinesiology helps to support the process emotionally as well as physically and to select the correct herbs for each cleanse.  Kinesiology also identified several vitamin and mineral deficiencies that were corrected with the relevant vitamin supplements.  The change in dietary habits and the cleansing process, initially did not stem the attacks, however it did lessen the intensity of each attack, and then over the weeks the attacks gradually lessened until they stopped.

During the three months Mr M kept to the prescribed diet and is now able to indulge in some of the “prohibited” food and drink occasionally, without triggering a Gout attack.  At the time of writing this case study, there have been no major Gout attack and due to almost immediate weight loss and feeling re-energised the client has subsequently commissioned a Professional Cycling coach to enable return to competitive cycling in the spring of next year.

Why was this case a success?

Success of the treatment can be attributed to several aspects:

  1. The person is treated and not the disease.
  2. The knowledge that ill health is a product of the internal environment of the body rather than external influences and therefore apply principles and actions that enable the body to self-heal through providing the “right” conditions.
  3. The client’s willingness to follow the advice fully and engage 100% of the time.
  4. Cleansing of the kidneys and liver to aid the body in removal of excess uric acid and to clean the blood.
  5. The power of eating correct foods – a decrease in acid forming foods.  Once the body has returned to a state of homeostasis, these foods can enjoyed as part of the diet on an occasional basis.
  6. The goal to get well and return to an active lifestyle whilst taking responsibility for his own health through education on diet and nutrition, stress management and exercise.

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