Mrs S - Osteoarthritis

Initial meeting with Mrs S, a retired gardener was to address osteoarthritis pain, diagnosed in 2020, and to find the causes and remedies. At 67, Mrs S’s mobility was very poor. She walked with the aid of a stick and found it difficult to go up and down stairs. Most of the time in pain in both knees and her shoulders, she tried to manage this by taking two Ibuprofen every day, but was still suffering, causing severe restrictions to her daily.

Client expectations:

  • To ease osteoarthritis pain to restore mobility. She rated the pain at the worst it could be – 5.
  • To understand what she can do to limit the development and spread through her body and to make lifestyle changes that support a healthier version of herself.


Low thyroid function and taking Levothyroxine on a daily basis. She is lactose intolerant and therefore does not drink cow’s milk or eat dairy products, choosing to use Oat milk instead. Diet is reasonably balanced. To enhance her diet, I advised her to decrease the amount of wheat she eats, limit red meat, replacing it with chicken and fish as well as a wide range of vegetables.

An adopted child she experienced a troubled relationship with her stepfather, who died a few years ago. She was constantly, throughout her life trying to prove herself to him, making her feel guilty for all the things she does or does not do. At the time of the first consultation, she was experiencing blocked sinuses and an irritating cough as well as low energy. Sometimes she would delay going to bed due to the pain in her knees, therefore sleeping late and waking feeling tired. If stressed has a tendency to IBS type symptoms.

Treatment – Key Points

In all the treatments I have been working with Mrs S through classical kinesiology. Key points from the treatments, in no particular order starting February 2023 to March 2024, included:

  • Heavy metal toxicity found and heavy metal detoxification completed with herbs. After treatment supplementing with Acidophilus to return good bacteria to the gut as well as supplementing with high strength vitamin D.
  • Aluminium toxicity cleared with a South American herb that was followed with high doses of vitamin C.
  • Plant enzymes and a tree formula were prescribed to address digestive insufficiency. This was followed with more digestive enzymes of a different variety.
  • Prescription of Calcium fluoride and Silica tissue salts for bone problems and enlarged joints. Silica helps to alleviate fatigue associated with aching legs and for any swelling that persists. Very effective for arthritic pain.
  • Curcumin (Turmeric) to reduce inflammation.
  • Immune system was strengthened and regulated with herbs and supplements to decrease susceptibility to colds after she had Covid19 in December 2023.
  • Prescription of anti-inflammatory herbs, as well as continued use with tissue salts – Calcium fluoride and Silica.
  • Throughout her treatments she had several herbal tinctures each one addressing inflammation, blood cleansing, immune support and digestive efficiency, approximately every other treatment.

Naturopathic Advice:

  • Dry skin brush 3-4 times per week to stimulate toxin release and lymphatic drainage
  • Remove wheat completely from the diet
  • Stop drinking a glass of milk before bed – milk makes the body acidic
  • Drink lemon water first thing in the morning
  • Increase bitter vegetables – spring greens, artichoke, rocket, endive etc
  • Avoid inflammatory foods – dairy, red meat, aubergine, peppers, tomatoes initially and later on to re-introduce to her diet occasionally
  • Add herbs and spices to food, especially organic turmeric, ginger, cardamon and herbs such as thyme, oregano, rosemary and basil
  • Avoid aluminium and non-stick cookware
  • Remove all mercury fillings
  • Stop using Smart devices at least one hour before bedtime


After 2 treatments Mrs S was already feeling more energetic, was suffering less pain and consequently more mobile. This lifted her mood and helped with further healing. After 4 treatments she no longer required her walking stick and was able to walk up and down stairs more freely, albeit slowly. Her quality of sleep was much improved and once again she is back in the garden enjoying her love of gardening. The need to take Ibuprofen to manage pain is very seldom.

The last consultation at the end of April I was dealing with a different person. Someone who is smiling, enjoying life, has greater mobility and is able to follow her passion without suffering pain the following day. She rated her pain as a 2 rather than a 5 which is a huge improvement in just over 12 months. As she enjoys the treatments and is still getting value, she continues to book on a regular basis, with 6-8 weeks between consultations.


You might say that a year is a long time for treatment of osteoarthritis, perhaps yes, perhaps not. It takes time for the body to heal and each step of clearing heavy metals, restoring gut bacteria and improving digestion, as well as improving immune function all take time and cannot be addressed together. These actions and changes resulted in better sleep quality and overall quality of life which further feeds improvement both mentally and physically.

Next step

If you feel that your initial symptoms are similar to Mrs S and you would like to benefit from my treatments, then please do get in touch. My contact details can be found here

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