Mr. F - Lifelong Depression

Mr F was recently referred to me by one of his colleagues who has been a client in the past.  The Covid-lockdown appeared to be the final straw.  A married, self-employed man with family, and someone who has been suffering from anxiety and depression since his mid 30’s.  Mr F is now in his mid 50’s. 

Under the care of a local mental health unit he had been put on several medications including Fluorxetine and Mirtazapine, the latter of which knocked him out, blurring all his mental faculties.  In desperation he took an overdose, was rushed into hospital and because of the quick response of the paramedics, luckily survived.

Mr F is desperate to find some answers and to find joy and quality of life both for himself, his work partner, and for his family.  In the first consultation to get a detailed holistic view, I took a full case history that involved all body systems; digestion, cardiovascular, neurological etc. prior to giving a kinesiology treatment.  This process revealed that Mr F is also a diabetic and is taking prescribed medications, Metformin and Avistatin.  His last check-up with the doctor showed that with dietary changes, he is now a borderline diabetic. 

Symptoms surrounding his depression and anxiety include a fear of going to sleep at night because of circulating thoughts that lead him into a black hole, the feeling of no purpose and joy in his life, panic attacks for no apparent reason which often lead to a stammer, and the knowledge that he is letting his business partner and family down.

His typical diet contains foods that can affect neurological functioning, the top of the list being wheat and wheat products as well as processed foods containing additives and preservatives that have very little nutritional value.  I advised that he cut out all wheat from his diet and cook foods from fresh rather than buy ready meals.  In addition, I prescribed vitamin D3, 5,000 iu daily, to drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of water daily and to get out into nature on a every day for at least 30 minutes.

After gathering information, I chose to work with Mr F. through therapeutic energy kinesiology.  The main reason for this choice was because he had lost his reason for living.  This often indicates a disconnect between the soul’s purpose and the reality of what is happening. With many years of being in and out of depression, I also felt that this approach would strip away the layers to reveal the core reason for his dis-ease. Between consultations he would take orchid essences which continue to support the energy change started by the kinesiology treatment itself, whilst also assisting in the processing of emotions and restoring balance.

In the first session, Mr F. responded really well.  On getting off the couch he commented that “he has not felt like this for many years”.  This showed that the kinesiology itself had shifted the energy and started the re-balancing process to restore mental wellbeing.  To continue this process he was prescribed, through kinesiology testing, several orchid essences – Clarifying the Shadow, Walking to the Earth’s Rhythm, Unconditional Love and Light Relief.  Light Relief is for use when he is feeling anxious to reduce the stress surrounding the situation.  Clarifying the Shadow and Walking to the Earth’s Rhythm were to help him decrease the patterns of self-sabotage and start to walk confidently in his own path.  Unconditional Love, as suggested is the ability to give oneself unconditional love, love without parameters, borders or guidelines.  To simply love yourself for what you are, “warts ‘n all”.

Four weeks later, in the first follow up session Mr F. explained that he is feeling physically and mentally stronger and more energetic.  He reported that he had achieved a great deal of clarity about how he is sabotaging himself from getting well.  The patterns of his behaviour were clear to him and he can now see each pattern as it appears.  Being able to see these patterns, is the beginning of him being able overcome each as and when it occurs.  Due to greater mental stability, the mental health unit released him from their care.

His sleep quality has improved, no longer dreading going to bed.  On waking he feels refreshed and positive and is having the additional benefit of fun dreams. Mr F. has started walking again and is getting into nature on most days.  However, he finds that he is still anxious around people and for the moment is avoiding situations that will involve lots of people.

His diet has changed radically with preparation of foods from base natural ingredients, rather than eating processed foods.  Wheat to a great extent, but not completely has been removed from his diet and bread replaced with rice cakes and oat biscuits. As he is diabetic he anyway avoids cakes and pastries.

The second kinesiology session unpeeled further layers.  To take him to the next step, additional orchid essences were prescribed to go with Walking to the Earth’s Rhythm and Clarifying the Shadow - Necklace of Beauty and Revelation.  Necklace of Beauty is about loving yourself to feel uplifted, loved and at peace with yourself.  Revelation shows the true connection between the ego and how excess ego prevents the soul’s expression of its true purpose. 

Naturopathic advice included a reminder about important dietary changes, particularly the removal of wheat and wheat products.  It is a known fact that wheat interferes with the brain causing fogginess, anxiety and depression, especially if the person is already prone to anxiety and depression.  In addition, he was given several affirmations to work with to further support the necessary chemical re-wiring in the brain.

The treatment of Mr F. will likely continue for 12-18 months, the time between consultations lengthening as he takes back his power.  What is critical for Mr F. is to avoid running before he can walk.  When you have been in a black hole for a long time and all of a sudden there is light and hope, the desire to run can be very strong. Doing this too early will undo all the hard work already achieved.


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