16-year-old Miss W - Anxiety

Miss W is in the last year of her schooling, opting to go out to work through an internship programme rather than continue her education in the school environment.  Miss W is a single child of divorced parents.  She spends her time between both parents on an agreed weekly schedule.  Overall, she has an acceptance of the situation however, does not appear to have a close relationship to either her father or her mother.

Case overview

At the age of 12 she suffered a minor stroke and now has slight paralysis in her left hand.  She compensates for the left hand with the right.  She has an allergy to nuts which was discovered when she went into anaphylactic shock as a toddler, consequently she uses an Epi-pen if needed.  Received the usual childhood vaccinations.  Suffers from tonsillitis most years for about 1 week at a time from the age of seven.  Usually the tonsillitis is combined with a raised temperature, a headache and a cough which is painful.  The tonsils have not been removed.

Menstrual cycle is regular.  She had her first period at 13 years old.  Tends to get cramping at the beginning and end of the cycle.  Cycle is regular in frequency and bleed and is not particularly heavy.

School is not something that she enjoyed due to bullying both in primary and secondary school.  This seems to be the reason she came to see me.  Miss W suffers from anxiety which affects her sleep, waking several times a night, finding it difficult to get back to sleep.  Dreams extensively which she sometimes remembers and sometimes does not remember.  On waking she mostly feels refreshed, but is aware that her energy dwindles as the day goes on. She creates scenarios from aspects in her life, which form circulating thoughts and leads to difficulty concentrating.  Her emotions become activated leading to snappy, short answers when she is worried and when worried she often cries.

Miss W suffers from eczema on the back of her knees and in the creases of her arms which is worse when she is anxious.  She tends to be very hard on herself, which can be a stimulus for an anxiety attack.

Diet is not optimal, eating a lot of carbohydrate foods – cereal for breakfast with dairy or toast with marmite, a sandwich with ham and marmite with a coke for lunch.  Dinner is more varied for example, pizza, or a roast with vegetables, or chicken and leek pie with new potatoes and green vegetables.  Her diet to a certain degree is dictated by the internship demands, location and responsibilities, making it difficult to eat something more substantial at lunch as breaks are often missed or limited in time, therefore it has to be fast.

In total I saw Miss W three times and each time I treated her with the therapeutic energy kinesiology protocol that works with orchid essences.  On the first consultation she tested for three different essences working on the spiritual chamber of the heart and heart chakra.

  • Compassionate Heart – helps us to show compassion to ourselves and to others, enabling us to participate in the fullness of the nature of compassion.
  • Healing the Higher Heart, this essence works on the higher heart receptor and helps to release emotional blocks from the heart chakra which are either karmic or current.  
  • Winged Messenger – helps to manifest goals and bring joy to your heart.

To support the healing process on the physical level I suggested ways of improving her diet to increase variation, increase energy and overall nutrition, and to improve sleep.  I also advised that she remove her mobile phone from the bedroom at night. 

The follow up consultation showed progress with the reduction of stress and anxiety from 3 to 5 (higher number = the best it can be) and an improvement in sleep from 5 - 8.  She had introduced the suggested changes to her diet, was still drinking coke, but had decreased it.  Was still feeling worried and crying periodically with no understanding of why.  However, this can be the result of the action of the orchid essences as they work to clear the blockages.

During the kinesiology treatment, she tested for both Thymic Heart and Fruits of Courage with Shadow Warrior.  This indicated the need to continue working with the chamber of the heart to remove any further blockages. 

Thymic Heart works on the thymic heart receptor which affects the causal body and the roots of the 4th and 5th chakras connecting through to 27th chakra. 

Fruits of Courage helps us to deal with difficult changes in life and to follow life’s direction.  Shadow Warrior balances the shadow side from being dominant in our life.  It can also remove physical symptoms on the left side of the body in both the neck and shoulders.

To support this consultation, I encouraged her to keep on with the changes to her diet as well as to work with the affirmation “I accept and love myself”. 

The last consultation saw further improvement – stress and anxiety improving from 5 to 7.  Crying and anxiety for no reason, appeared to have gone as she did not experience a re-occurrence in the last month.  In general, she feels that her anxiety has dropped dramatically.  Sleep had again improved and most nights she was sleeping completely through the night.    

During the kinesiology treatment she tested for Compassionate Heart and Rising Against the Dark.  It is often that a person will re-visit an orchid essence taken previously.  The simple reason for this is that as layers of “dis-balance” and blockages are removed it reveals symptoms that were not showing earlier on, when the essence was taken previously. 

  • Rising against the Dark, contains black obsidian and has the properties to be able to help the soul on its evolutionary journey against shadow effects.  Black obsidian is excellent for absorbing negative energy and whilst grounding and cleansing the earth or base chakra.  It comforts grief, providing insight into the source of distress and relieving long held grievances.

In summary, the treatment of Miss W through the therapeutic energy kinesiology protocol served to remove blockages from the chamber of the heart and the heart receptors, helping her to process grief and pain from earlier in her life that had been locked into the heart chakra, leading to symptoms of anxiety including poor sleep, circular thoughts, crying for no reason and anxiety attacks.  Her diet was not supporting a positive feeling through abundant energy, but rather limited energy due to carbohydrate foods and limited intake of vegetables and fruit.  With slight corrections to improve and enhance her diet, she now enjoys greater energy on a consistent basis throughout the day, as well as a regular good night’s sleep.


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