Mrs D - Electromagnetic Extreme Sensitivity

Mrs D is 63 years old and works for a local business that is located next door to a large hospital. She came to me through recommendation due to increasing sensitivity in the last few months to chemicals and anything emitting volatile organic compounds. These sensitivities have been increasing to the point that she can barely leave her home.

As with most job roles, she is reliant on computer and mobile phone, but has been unable to work on any Wifi driven device for longer than 15 minutes, for over three months.  These sensitivities result in the drying up of her nose and eyes to the point that she feels she has been hit in the nose. This is followed by tingling and a “buzzy” tongue with extensive coughing. Going out into fresh air, breathing deeply and moving helps to calm her over-sensitized body, but on return the process starts again.

The latest episode of sensitivity resulted in the “floor sliding” and a splitting headache.  All she could do was go to a dark room and lie down.

This particular client has additional stress in her family and has found the Covid journey very stressful, often causing anxiety attacks. Having been living under stressful conditions for almost two years she is likely on adrenal burnout, which appears to be fuelling craving for sweet things and as a result she snacks on crisps, chocolate and cake when feeling low in energy.  Otherwise, her diet is overall healthy, cooking foods from fresh ingredients on a daily basis. No dairy, but wheat 2-3 times weekly either as toast or sandwiches.

As she has been unable to work for some time, despite receiving sick pay her financial situation and the prospect of not being able to work again was adding to her stress levels.

Other notable issues:

  1. Sleep very poor, waking several times a night and often unable to get back to sleep. She was using podcasts to get to sleep.  On waking feels unrefreshed and tired.
  2. Diahorrea for the last two years every morning which could go on until 11am.  Some bloating and gas.
  3. Tinnitus for the last 10 years that has recently been getting worse to the point of distraction.

After the kinesiology treatment, I prescribed the following orchid essences to take on a daily basis:

  • Energy Matrix Protector –used on a daily basis helps protect against electromagnetic frequencies.
  • Defend and Protect – protects the pituitary gland from EMF bombardment and creates feelings of being safe and protected.
  • Sympathetic P – helps in regulating the meridians due to over activity of the parasympathetic nervous system.

In addition, I prescribed a herbal tincture to help with re-balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, aid sleep and decrease sensitivity to EMF’s.  The main herbs included:

  • Panax ginseng
  • Calendula officinalis
  • Lactuca virosa (Wild lettuce)
  • Glcyrrhriza glabra (liquorice)

Naturopathic Advice

  • Put an Amethyst in front of her computer to absorb the frequencies
  • Stop using the podcast as a means to get to sleep and replace this with a sleep preparation routine – rubbing lavender oil into her feet, a warm bath with magnesium bath salts and essential oils, meditation and deep breathing.
  • Remove wheat from her diet
  • Keep a diary on sensitivities to identify places/times when her sensitivities are aroused.

Second Consultation – 4 weeks later

  • Level of sensitivity had decreased from 5 (worst it could be) to 3.5
  • Sleep greatly improved with no need for the podcast. This was replaced by deep breathing and counting when in bed
  • Cough, tingling and headaches have stopped
  • Tinnitus less noticeable and vastly reduced
  • Diahorrea took three weeks to stop, but her toilet habit is now normal on most days. As a result, she feels she has more strength in her muscles.

The client commented that “she feels a lot of progress has been made” and was able to go back to work part time and then in the last week full time.  By the end of the day she is feeling nauseous, but finds it corrects quicker than before by walking daily in fresh air and using deep breathing to help herself feel grounded.

She now has a further three orchid essences to replace the previous ones and a repeat of the tincture. To help further heal the gut, I recommended:

  • Stewed apple on a daily basis
  • Bone broth as the basis for soups, casseroles and stews
  • Kombucha tea and other fermented foods to be included into her diet on a daily basis.

To assist with overall protection against EMF’s and 5G, I suggested either a pendant or other device that she wears all the time.

If you find this case study useful and want further information, please contact me on or make an appointment.

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