Mrs. J - Compromised Immune Function

Mrs J is a married lady in her 50’s who works on a daily basis within her family business.  She understands the importance of taking care of herself though diet and creating “me time” in which she focuses on her wellbeing, very often outside in nature. Diagnosed as coeliac several years ago, consequently avoids all wheat and gluten products. 

She had been for the previous 18 months, and continued to be under medical attention whilst consulting me to receive regular blood tests to monitor the white blood cell count, which has been low for this whole time.  She also suffered from blocked ears that resulted in a feeling of having water in her ears all the time, whilst impairing her hearing, especially in the right ear.  Treatments prescribed by her doctor did not change or improve either of these conditions.

A friend recommended that she have a consultation with me.  In the first consultation, I took a full case history and agreed with Mrs J the main reasons for her requesting treatment were:

  • Blocked eustachian tubes in both ears (right ear being worse).  Head fuzziness, both lasting for 18 months
  • Lack of energy likely caused by low white blood cell count

At approximately the same time as having the flu vaccination in 2017, trouble with her ears began. Is it a coincidence that it began after receiving that particular year’s vaccine? 

Mrs J described the condition in her ears as follows: “It feels tense in my head, as if there is a blockage, but at the same time fluffy. The right ear has a constant feeling of water bubbles in my ear.” Sinuses were also blocked.

Taking a holistic approach, the first priority was to build up her immune system which would increase energy, whilst helping the body re-balance itself.  A low white blood cell count is an indicator of a compromised immune.  These cells, also known as leukocytes, defend the body against infection and disease by ingesting foreign materials and cellular debris, as well as destroying infectious agents. In order to increase the white blood count and build immunity overall, I prescribed Mrs J. a herbal tincture to be taken between appointments, in combination with supplements - a multivitamin and vitamin B complex.

The herbal tincture contained nutritive, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-fungal herbs to address any inflammation and infection, as well as adaptogens to address the lack of energy through supporting the adrenal and nervous systems.  Lymphatic herbs to improve lymph drainage to remove cell waste and other toxins and herbs that specifically raise the white blood cell count, ultimately boosting the immune system.

One month later, at the follow up consultation she reported a change in her ears. She was having moments when the blockage had disappeared and was also experiencing little fuzziness or tension in her head during these moments.  Always the blockage was worse at night.  From the feedback I determined that the approach was correct and therefore did not change anything.  The kinesiology session further confirmed this and identified that there was likely an underlying, low-grade viral infection. Vitamin D3 was added and B Complex stopped. I advised her to return to Vitamin B in the event that her energy dropped or if she felt she had cold or flu symptoms starting.

In the third appointment, Mrs J reported further improvement in her ears and head, to occasionally during the day, having the blockage mostly at night, which cleared on waking after about an hour. Energy was also greatly improved and more consistent. She had been for the regular bi-monthly blood test and was waiting for the results.

The fourth treatment – blood test results showed that the white blood count was now back to the “normal” level.  Having increased the white blood cell count, the principles of treatment for the herbal remedy was slightly changed to address digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals.  Continuation with anti-viral herbs to address what I believed to be a virus that was causing the drop in the white blood cell count as well as the blockage in the ears.  Lymphatic herbs to further support lymph drainage and removal of toxins.

It took approximately one year of monthly treatments to permanently and completely clear Mrs J’s ears, removing the blockage as well as sustaining the white blood cell count within the “normal” range.  She experienced two setbacks during the treatment, picking up seasonal flu that was going around at the time.  However, apart from this the ears slowly started to unblock, sometimes getting worse and transferring from the right to the left ear, until finally both ears cleared, together with the sinuses and tension in the head.

As part of the journey back to health, I gave Mrs J some advice around her daily diet to support a healthy gut and immune system.  Particularly, she was advised to include warming herbs and spices, such as chilli, garlic, cardamom, cinnamon etc into her meals every day. These help to keep the body warm and to stimulate blood circulation. To avoid dairy until her immune system was back to full functioning order and then to minimise cow’s dairy especially. To eat a balance of raw and cooked foods, and to eat or drink fermented food 4-5 times per week to populate the gut with healthy bacteria. To minimise red meat, eating it once weekly if desired.

To keep all avenues of elimination open and functioning correctly, I advised daily skin brushing, drinking of Kombucha tea and a daily walk of 40 minutes to aid movement and effective lymph drainage.

Since clearing the infection and re-charging the immune system, Mrs J has not suffered with the return of either of these conditions.  Her body is able to regulate itself effectively, handling any seasonal flus and colds with ease.


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