The Role of Emotion in Health and Wellbeing

Root Chakra

After many years of working with people both in the corporate world and as a kinesiologist, I have been fascinated by the role that emotion plays in overall health and well-being.  The Indian system of Ayurveda takes into consideration the Chakra system which runs through our bodies from base to 7th.  There is now a strong belief that chakras go upwards from the body to approximately the 40th chakra.  This means that this is mirrored downwards into the earth to 40 also!  When looking at this approach each one between the first and seventh has corresponding meridian lines, organs and emotions.  What happens if you connect all this information together?  Lets look at this against the First, Root, Earth or Base chakra?

The Base chakra is located at the base of the spine and is the colour red.  It represents tribal connections – society, family, groups etc.   It is the source of the coiled serpent energies of yoga, referred to as ”Kundalini” in Sanskrit.  The chakra extends down through the feet to the earth.  Organs associated with this chakra are lower pelvic areas, testes and ovaries, tissues, bones and bone marrow as well as the anus and rectum.  This energy stimulates the adrenal glands, the intestines and the evacuation of feces.  The associated physiologic functions are excretion, reproduction and immunity. As many of the body’s red and white blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrow, dysfunction of this chakra can contribute to immune-deficiency problems, such as anemia’s, and states of chronic fatigue associated with loss of vitality.  When looking at the emotional and spiritual aspects of this chakra, it is about grounding, fear and safety issues as well as basic survival instincts.  If the Base chakra is malfunctioning this will be seen in the physical body in disorders associated with the parts of the body that it governs.

  • Disorders of the bowel, anus and large intestine
  • Disorders of bones, teeth
  • Issues with legs, feet, knees, base of spine, buttocks
  • Eating disorders
  • Low immunity - Frequent illness

Earth chakra energy plays an essential role during the first five years of life.  To get this energy to flow steadily and to settle into the body, the infant should be given care, love and warmth through caressing, cuddling and massaging.  Balanced characteristics of the Earth chakra:

  • Good health
  • Vitality
  • Well grounded
  • Comfortable in the body
  • Feeling of safety and security
  • Stability and ability to relax and be still
  • Sense of trust to the world

To develop, stimulate and support the Base chakra the following affirmations are useful:

  • It is safe for me to be here – The earth supports me and meets my needs
  • I love my body and trust its wisdom
  • I am immersed in abundance
  • I exist and I am real
  • I am the creator and power in my own life.

To heal oneself on the physical level it is important to re-connect with the body through physical activities such as dance, aerobics, weights, power walking.  Hatha yoga will also be beneficial as will touch and massage.  Meditation to support grounding will also be very powerful to the person who feels ungrounded.


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