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Benefits of Vitamin D in Immunity and Protecting Against Depression

As the longer nights draw in and sunlight becomes less, our bodies quickly use up any stores of vitamin D, leaving the only way to replenish the body’s needs through supplementation.  Little has been said about vitamin D in the last months of COVID19, which personally I find strange.  Why might this be so?

Vitamin D, better known as the sunshine vitamin is essential for your body playing a major role in production of calcium for bones and teeth.  Vitamin D is also involved in supporting the immune system amongst other essential functions.

The Fear Factor - What's Holding You Back?

It is interesting to hear the more recent news bulletins, which in honesty I seldom do because it either lacks interest or is repetition of the same.  However, what caught my attention is the fear that has been generated as part of the fallout from the COVID19 lockdown, which our leaders are trying to address to get the economy up and running by encouraging the general populous to return to work.  We see the fear manifested in different ways, such as parents not wanting children to go back to school, individuals fearful to leave their house and avoidance of using public transport, all with

Post COVID 19: 5 Steps to Creating Strong Immune Health in the Workplace

With the loosening of lockdown guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic, HR directors, CEO’s and other organisation managers will be thinking hard and planning the return to work and how to protect themselves and you, their team members from this particular virus and any other seasonal bug that comes along.