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I Am Worthy

Recently when listening to a conversation between two people, one of them said, “I am worthy” and this resonated deeply with me. I then started to analyse why this phrase and not a similar phrase, such as “I am enough,” or “I deserve to be loved,” both of which are powerful sentences in their own right. On analysing my response and why this sentence carries so much power, I began to raise several questions to understand more deeply:

Spring is in the Air - Time to Boost Your Endorphins

Chris Evans on his breakfast show this morning was talking about how the air feels different today, Thursday 7th March. After some discussion with his fellow team members summarised the conversation with “Spring is in the air.” I agree, looking around Hawthorn is showing first leaves, the Blackthorn is in full blossom, Daffodils abound trumpeting the announcement of spring and this week at 6am there is already the first signs of light. Waking up in the darkness was beginning to take its toll. 

New Year – New Beginnings

New year is a time of excitement for many as we embrace the new year coming in, letting go of the old year and whatever that encompassed. 2023 was a difficult year for many, but with a new year beginning there is some hope and excitement for what 2024 will hold. Have you any plans, did you set New Year resolutions?