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The Fear Factor - What's Holding You Back?

It is interesting to hear the more recent news bulletins, which in honesty I seldom do because it either lacks interest or is repetition of the same.  However, what caught my attention is the fear that has been generated as part of the fallout from the COVID19 lockdown, which our leaders are trying to address to get the economy up and running by encouraging the general populous to return to work.  We see the fear manifested in different ways, such as parents not wanting children to go back to school, individuals fearful to leave their house and avoidance of using public transport, all with

Post COVID 19: 5 Steps to Creating Strong Immune Health in the Workplace

With the loosening of lockdown guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic, HR directors, CEO’s and other organisation managers will be thinking hard and planning the return to work and how to protect themselves and you, their team members from this particular virus and any other seasonal bug that comes along.

10 Tips for Protection Against Electromagnetic Radiation and the Effects on Wellbeing

In August 2017, I wrote my first blog on the impact of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on the human mind and body.  Of course, there are numerous benefits that we experience in our lives from tools that operate on WiFi, and quite frankly would find it difficult to do without mobile phones and all WiFi driven More information is becoming known to us on the effects of electromagnetic radiation, EMR, on our health and wellbeing. While some can be impacted more than others, children are at the greatest risk.</body></html>

Finding the New Norm

The current situation driven by the COVID19 pandemic has forced each one of us to change our normal behaviour patterns.  For some causing chaos and disruption before finding the way to live within your changed environment.  For others the same situation might be bringing the peace and space so often longed for in the busyness of daily life, perceiving this pandemic as a gift.

Kindness Costs Nothing: Building Healthy Relationships

Research points to the importance of social relationships.  It is probably fair to say that all members of the animal kingdom demonstrate the need for relationships.  Horses spend time grooming each other, monkeys likewise, deer are seldom found alone. Are humans any different?

When asking someone why they like to work in a particular place, with a particular company usually coming up in the top five reasons is “social relationships”.