I recently took part in the Wantage Pilates Studio event on “Women’s Pelvic Health”.  Whilst I do not specialize in pelvic health, I was still able to contribute from the perspective of a Kinesiologist, Herbalist and Naturopath.  The title I decided on for my presentation was “Beyond Pelvic Health?”  This blog is based on the presentation I did for that event.

Women, as are men, are unique individuals.  It’s true women all have vaginas, breasts, colons, etc, but no two vaginas, breasts etc are identical.  Combined with this we all have a unique life path through our education, our upbringing, our career experience and so on.  Therefore, why does conventional medicine look at us all the same way, putting us into the relevant box according to presenting symptoms, whilst complementary & alternative medicine practitioners treat each person as individual and look at the whole, not just the affected part of the person. 

Qualifying as a kinesiologist over 10 years ago, taught me that there is so much more to a person than just the presenting symptoms or dis-ease - there is more to us than the Pelvic Triangle.  Therefore, what is behind poor pelvic health?  Is it purely a physical disorder, or a disorder that has emotional/psychological and spiritual aspects to it as well?  This understanding has been further emphasized through my studies and practice of herbal medicine and naturopathic principles.

What does it mean to look at and consider the whole person?

Any DIS-EASE state, whether poor pelvic health, compromised gut health or other disease state, we have to consider three levels:

  • The physical situation
  • The emotional aspects of this imbalance
  • The spiritual

Considering women; we move along a production line through life – acquiring and losing bits, as well as cycles within that line:

  • From a child to puberty – First period and the emotions around that
  • Puberty to womanhood – Regular periods, or not, PMT or not……..
  • From a women to a mother and all the emotions due to changing hormones that is involved in this miracle of bringing life into the world
  • A mother to menopause
  • Menopause to post menopause

Each one of these periods is affected by a hormonal change and by hormonal cycles, and therefore has deep emotional content as part of physical changes.

In consultations with clients, treatments will include all three levels.  Questions will be aimed at identifying the possible pathology of presenting symptoms, but at the same time what is likely causing this pathology and what is the pattern behind it?   Has there been any stress or trauma recently?  What are the things that cause a person stress?  What kind of diet do you eat?  How do you relate to food?  And so on.

The spiritual element of any consultation is not usually obvious, unless carrying out a Therapeutic Energetic Kinesiology treatment or through knowing the person through several consultations.  The spiritual aspects of ill health are more often than not around the main purpose of life of this person – are they following that path or sabotaging their truth in some way?

On top of all this we also have several roles to play in life.  Those roles include – daughter, wife, sex goddess, mother, career woman to name a few.  Is it any wonder we have difficulty in maintaining emotional balance and consequently perfect health and wellbeing, when there are so many demands on who we are?  The key to managing the roles and transitions in life smoothly in order to maintain that balance and perfect health and wellbeing is:

For the physical:

Think about what you eat – the old saying “you are what you eat” goes a long way to explaining physical imbalance and ill health.  The body needs fuel that creates energy in the cells to:

  • Give movement
  • Keep skin fresh and gorgeous
  • Give vitality and general wellbeing
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • All bodily functions

Diet should include  fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis and in the case of vegetables – eat the rainbow more than once a day.

Water the elixir of life itself.  This is not tea or coffee or water with cordial or in juice.  Simply good old water, and preferably distilled.

Exercise – Whether that is gentle movement through Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi or something more vigorous such as swimming, netball, walking or tennis.  Movement is essential to avoiding and minimizing stagnation of bodily functions – constipation, excess mucous, swelling in the ankles etc

Minimise toxins – choose natural household products, natural make up, deodorants, toothpaste, shampoo etc.  Minimise the amount of toxins you take in.  Above all do NOT install a Smart Meter in your living space.

For the emotional:

Create down time for you.  Whatever that might be it is your time.

Meditate on a daily basis

Chant, sing, dance

Speak in the positive, avoid dwelling on the negative

Try to be non-judgmental of others

For the spiritual:

Meditate – listen to yourself, to nature, to patterns that present themselves

Get fresh air daily by walking in nature, listening to the wind, the trees, birds singing, running water, grasses rustling, and all other things nature.

As an ending comment, remember your body, mind and spirit is a temple.  The way you treat your temple will define how your body and mind treats you.


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