Muscle Memory, Loneliness and Health

Loneliness and impact on health #Green Key Health

The recent news and discussion on the connection between ill health and loneliness is sad, whilst at the same time the root of many questions.  Humans are social animals.  Socializing in a face-to-face manner may not only be fun, stimulating, comforting and motivational, but also necessary to sustain who we are whilst essential to support a healthy mind and body.

Socialization is about brain stimulation, laughter, positive interaction and contact with others giving each one of us a purpose, whilst feeling valued.  Touching, whether that friendly pat on the back, hug, kiss on the side of the cheek or any other physical contact gives reassurance that we are “alright” and that we are recognized as being a valued part of the community.

Lifestyles today, certainly in the West has compromised the central family unit, the community and our immediate society, to lives in competitive pursuit of individual goals and personal gain in lifestyle, image and personal wealth. The obvious question is “At what cost?”

Chronic ill health and disease are on the increase throughout the Western world.  Heart attacks, strokes and other heart related diseases such as hypertension, as well as Diabetes II, and dementia related illnesses are the challenge of our century.

The heart is the main organ of the body that is responsible for life itself, bringing clean blood to all organs and recycling de-oxygenated blood. Looking at the heart on an emotional level, it is the seat of heart-ache, broken hearts, sadness and despair.  If you consider that every disease has an emotional foundation, then one can only ask the question - What are we doing to ourselves by cutting down on social activities, face-to-face time, in response to an ever-increasing amount of time on digital tools and apps, which might increase effectiveness, but how is it impacting mind and body?

The muscles in our body hold the memory of what has happened to us during a lifetime.  They record and hold all experiences, whether positive or negative. Including trauma whether physical, emotional or mental, this means that dis-ease does not simply just happen, it takes months, and in some cases years to manifest as a particular disease.

Kinesiology is a tool that is based on the muscle feedback system that enables us to understand where there are blockages in the body and to release those blockages, thus ensuring the body heals itself.  It can be likened to peeling an onion - in each session you remove several layers of the onion, until eventually getting to the source of the dis-ease.

Is it time to take a closer look at how we live in the Western world?  Our all to often diet of fast and processed convenience foods, to the lack of social activities?   How we care for the elderly and “lost”, the traumatized and orphaned who are living close by or who we see on a regular basis outside our favourite supermarket, shop or metro station, and spend just a few minutes giving a little recognition and attention to them?  After all it is free!

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