Microwave syndrome

Ever heard of microwave syndrome? It is nothing to do with cooking or reheating food, but rather a health syndrome that is connected to microwaves. This boils down to electromagnetic sensitivity. Microwave syndrome is characterised by a number of non-specific multiple organ symptoms typically including the central nervous system when in contact with electromagnetic frequencies.

Microwave generating equipment first became widely used during WWII with development of radar. The then Soviet bloc countries were the first to name this when they reported individuals who were exposed to this microwave equipment on a frequent basis and often developed headaches, fatigue, poor memory and concentration, emotional instability, fatigue and unstable and fluctuating cardiovascular function. At that time, stringent measures were put in place to protect workers within the Soviet bloc.

For whatever reasons these reports were ignored by Western countries, where the belief was that there can be no adverse effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) unless heating was observed. We have come a long way since WWII in so many directions, sadly the awareness of the impact of EMF exposure on the human body has not.

There were several incidences due to accidents that exposed radar operators in Western countries that resulted in the exact same symptoms that the Soviet bloc had been talking about. The Soviets irradiated the US Embassy in Moscow with microwaves during the period 1953-1975, and while no convincing evidence of elevated cancer rates was reported, there were reports of "microwave illness". As reported in Pubmed a paper by David O Carpenter in 2015 entitled - The microwave syndrome or electro-hypersensitivity: Historical background states,

“Officials passed these complaints off as being due to anxiety, not effects of the microwave exposure. There is increasing evidence that "microwave syndrome" or "electro-hypersensitivity" (EHS) is a real disease that is caused by exposure to EMFs, especially those in the microwave range. The reported incidence of the syndrome is increasing along with increasing exposure to EMFs from electricity, WiFi, mobile phones and towers, smart meters and many other wireless devices. Why some individuals are more sensitive is unclear. While most individuals who report having EHS do not have a specific history of an acute exposure, excessive exposure to EMFs, even for a brief period of time, can induce the syndrome.”

Typical symptoms of microwave syndrome or electro-hypersensitivity include:

  • Fatigue for no apparent reason
  • Brain fog, tinnitus, headaches, frequent nose bleeds
  • Inability to be near mobile devices without suffering nausea, headaches and general feelings of being unwell and overly tired
  • Dizziness
  • Disturbed sleep, increased nervousness
  • Methylation issues within the body
  • Cardiovascular issues including blood clotting, palpitations
  • Frequent colds and flu illustrating immune disruption
  • Interference with calcium channels in the body which leads to free radical damage in the cells and alteration of the cell itself
  • ADHD and autism

……the list goes on

Effects on Children

Barrie Trower, British physicist and former researcher on the effects of radiation for the Royal Navy and Military Intelligence, explains about children’s sensitivity to Wi-Fi radiation:

“Children are physiologically and neurologically immature. It takes years for the blood-brain barrier to form, leaving children more prone to cell-leakage from microwave radiation. In all the schools I have visited around the world with Wi-Fi, everyone has reported the same symptoms in students: fatigue, headaches, nausea, chest pain, vision problems.”  http://www.earthcalm.com/wi-fi-health-risks-and-children   

Research by Adamantia Fragopoulu and Lukus Margaritis of the Univeristy of Athens concludes that:

“The evidence for dysregulation of proteins in the brain from whole body exposure to RF/MW radiation, such as the radiation emitted by cell phones, portable phones, wireless devices or ambient RF/MW from cell towers, whether proteins are up-regulated or down-regulated, is of great concern for its impact on children’s capacity to learn.”

Surely, alarm bells have to be ringing when we further increase the levels of EMR into our homes, schools and workplaces?

What devices might cause such symptoms? In short, any Wi-Fi driven device often with prolonged exposure initially and as the sensitivity of the body increases, short time exposure to such devices as mobile phones, laptops, smart meters, and home and office tools that are Wi-FI driven can be enough to spark adverse symptoms.

Does this mean that we shouldn’t have Wi-FI driven devices in our lives whether office school or home? No this is not the point, the point is to use devices in a safe way and to educate employees, friends and family around such usage. 5G microwaves are the EMFs to be most sceptical and perhaps even fearful of as 5G works on high frequency radiation that increases the radiation pulse rate interfering not only with humans but also animals, insects, birds as well as plant life. Satellite and large military equipment is powered by this frequency. This means that 5G is not only about having a device near to your body, but about 5G microwaves in the environment generally. The sensitivity of individuals varies, however the progressive introduction of 5G into our daily lives especially in cities and for Wi-Fi connectivity is a threat to all living creatures and plants and surely something that governments should be addressing as a part of climate change, as well as sustainability?

In the blog written by Samir Derrar of EMF-Hunters earlier this year he explains the difference in the frequencies. https://greenkeyhealth.co.uk/https%3A//greenkeyhealth.co.uk/electromagnetic-frequencies-and-impact-on-health-explained

If we believe the dangers of ever-increasing EMFs in our environment and with first hand experience of treating clients with this syndrome, I definitely do. What are the main measures you can take to decreasing the impact of electromagnetic frequencies on body and brain health?

  • Remove all mobile devices including mobile phones, cordless phones, television etc from the bedroom. At night the parasympathetic system is dominant and the immune system “off guard.” This means we are more vulnerable to the impact of these EMFs.
  • When talking on a mobile phone put it on speaker to keep the phone away from your body. 
  • Never carry a mobile in your bra, side pocket, shirt pocket or in contact with the body.
  • Remove any compact fluorescent lights from your home and workspace if present.
  • Remove cordless phones from your home.
  • Switch off Wi-Fi at night and avoid getting a 5G router
  • AVOID installing a Smart Meter!
  • Seek professional help if you suspect you might be suffering from exposure to EMFs. There are things you can do to desensitize and lower exposure in your home.

Children are highly sensitive as the immune system is not fully developed until about 6 years old and the brain is unprotected until the blood brain barrier is formed in mid-teens:

  • Limit time on devices that rely on wireless connection
  • Educate children on safe usage of devices and why it is important
  • Avoid giving your child a mobile phone until 15 years old – I can hear you laughing!
  • If giving a mobile phone keep the phone simple to allow for calls and texting only
  • Remove all Wi-Fi driven devices from the bedroom and do not allow your child to keep it by their bed.






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