Negative impact of Smart Metres

We live in a world that is ever increasing the levels of electro magnetic radiation (EMR).  This is manmade radiation used in mobile phones, WiFi, the Tetra-network and now the addition of so called Smart meters.  I am yet to understand what is smart in the smart meters, except of course the fact that this decreases the workforce who read meters periodically, which will increase the large energy giants profitability.  Oh and of course the fact that there is more control over what we are all doing?  Has anyone stopped to think about the security issues surrounding this meter?  If a cyber hacker can hack into our banks, what is to stop them hacking into your meter, and your data that the supplier has stored, as well as your home if you have an app to control the heating, lighting etc when you are away?

However, as someone who has health and wellbeing at heart, I have to ask the question “ How is this affecting our health?”  I was horrified when close friends of mine announced with pride that they had recently installed a Smart meter.  We are seeing much more chronic disease which has no box.  In other words unexplained lack of joy, excitement and zest, low libido, lack of sex drive and general fatigue as well as insomnia, low grade depression and hyperactive children with learning difficulties.  Perhaps this has something to do with the ever increasing levels of EMR.  Autism is doubling every five years, this cannot only be down to a poor diet of processed foods, genetics and bad luck!  Research by Dr Klinghardt has shown that there has been a 24% increase of autism in babies of pregnant mothers exposed to microwave radiation!

We have seen that schools that have wireless connection in the classroom has elevated neurological problems in children such as learning difficulties and hyperactivity disorder.  As soon as the school changes to plug in broadband or fibre optic technology to access the net these issues go away.  Surely alarm bells have to be ringing when we further increase the levels of EMR into our homes?

All government and energy supplier information talks about the benefits of installing a Smart meter, nowhere does it talk about the effects of increasing EMR in your home and once installed in your neighbour’s homes as well.    A smart meter is broadcasting 24/7 bringing devastating amounts of radiation into your home.  Research by Adamantia Fragopoulu and Lukus Margaritis of the Univeristy of Athens concludes that:

“The evidence for disregulation of proteins in the brain from whole body exposure to RF/MW radiation, such as the radiation emitted by cell phones, portable phones, wireless devices or ambient RF/MW from cell towers, whether proteins are up-regulated or down-regulated, is of great concern for its impact on children’s capacity to learn. “

If we believe this, which I definitely do - What are the main measures you can take to decreasing the impact of electromagnetic waves on body and brain health?

  • Remove all mobile devices including mobile phones, cordless phones, television etc from the bedroom.  At night our parasympathetic system is more at work and this means we are more vulnerable to the impact of these waves.
  • When talking on the mobile phone put it on speaker to keep the phone away from your body. 
  • Remove any compact fluorescent lights.
  • Remove cordless phones from your home.
  • Switch off WiFi at night.
  • AVOID installing a Smart Meter!





Sevan-Schreiber, David Dr. (2011). Anti Cancer A New Way of Life. London: Penquin Group. 294-295.



You are correct. If you want to eliminate as much radiation and radio waves in your home then turn off as many devices as you can, permanently. So far as smart meters are concerned there is no proof they give off any higher levels than your DECT cordless phone, mobile, microwave etc. So is your story more to do with the principle of having a device in your home that understands more about your lifestyle in so much it can tell when you are at home using electricity and when you are away?

Dear Edward,

May apologies for taking so long to reply to your comment.  I am just learning about how to work my own website - very slow indeed!

Firstly, thank you for your comment and question.  I agree the research is sketchy, however, my point is three-fold:

1.  The SMART meter cannot be switched off which means that it is constantly readiating into your home and if semi-detached through the walls to your neighbours.

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