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Rose hips packed with vitamin C a good immune booster

As the news has been reporting, Britain has had the hottest September since 1911!  Apparently this cannot be deemed an Indian summer, because it is too early.  In any case whatever the term used, early September has things for us to gather and store in readiness for the coming winter.


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Chamomile infusion to aid a restful sleep and ease digestive problems

August is a time of frantic activity in the hedgerow.  As the month progresses grasses, flowers, and bushes go into flower ready to develop their fruit and or seeds for dispersion into mid September. 

The theme this month is digestion and common complaints in the digestive system.  The hedgerow is full of plants that are effective for common digestive and gastrointestinal problems that some of us suffer from, such as acid reflux, bloating and flatulence. 


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Tilea europea for calming the nervous system

Several of my classmates went on an organized visit and herb tour of Kew Gardens recently.  The gardens are spectacular and currently in full bloom, creating magnificent borders of colour, and filling the air with pungent smells to assault the senses.

Our guide and resident herbalist Jill Davies, the founder of “Herbs Hands Healing” is a herbalist and naturopath who is responsible for all products, nutritional and herbal sold from her company.  What better person could you ask for to show us around Kew and give great insight into the plants and specifically the plants with healing powers that are so prevalent not only at Kew, but also in our countryside?


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June sees the hedgerows growing madly and showing lush depth and beauty.  Just taking a small patch of say one square foot you can see many different varieties of grass all vying for the top position to facilitate distribution of the seeds with the help of the wind, animals, insects or birds.  What a feast for the eyes and how clever nature is!


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Herbs for health and wellbeing

Following on from my earlier blog, a friend who is suffering from hay fever suggested I cover natural, hedgerow remedies for this condition.  What a great idea I thought!  Lets take a quick look at what is growing in the hedgerows, which in the first place, may be causing the hay fever, but more importantly what can be used to treat the allergic reaction from seasonal pollen and grasses, therefore feeling good and being able to celebrate the sun and spring with the rest of us.



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Health in the Hedgerow

As we leap into spring and I continue with my studies on Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy, I become more aware of how rich the hedgerows are.  How packed they are with energy and natural healing.  Taking a stroll in the countryside at this time of year, firstly what can you find?  Secondly what can it do for you and your wellbeing?


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Health and Wellbeing

How special it is to read a book by a medical doctor who has spent a large part of his life looking at chronic disease from a totally different perspective.  Dr Batmanghelidj was born in Iran, educated in the UK and practiced in Tehran where, during the 1979 revolution was imprisoned awaiting trial.  It was during this time that he discovered the healing powers of plain water by prescribing a single glass for a prisoner dying of acute stomach pain.  The man recovered and Dr Batmanghelidj saved his own life by presenting a research paper on water to the presiding judge, who gave a shorter sentence so he could expand his study on the subject.


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Third chakra - self identity and self esteem

Leading on from previous blogs on “The Role of Emotion in Health and Wellbeing”. Lets look at the third chakra more closely:

The Third Chakra also called the Solar Plexus chakra is located in the centre of the body above the navel. This chakra puts order in our lives.  It gives a sense of control over our own lives, whilst also being the seat for decision-making and intuition.  It is the energy centre associated with self esteem and self worth. The identity of the ego.  Do we feel empowered in our jobs and home life?  The third chakra is yellow and it is here that we feel intimidation and fear.  Hence the saying “Yellow Belly”.  When criticized it is usually in the “gut” that we feel discomfort, “knotting” and in extreme cases, even pain.


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Leading on from my previous blog on “The Role of Emotion in Health and Wellbeing”, lets look at the second chakra more closely:

The Second Chakra is located in the lower abdomen, the Sacral Plexus and is the colour orange.  It represents our ability to feel personal pleasure and pain.  Our reproductive organs are energetically nourished by the second chakra as are the kidneys and bladder.  The second chakra lives in the now and brings us to being personally centred and connected to vital life forces.  The sacral plexus is the centre of creativity, procreation and new ideas. 


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Root Chakra

After many years of working with people both in the corporate world and as a kinesiologist, I have been fascinated by the role that emotion plays in overall health and well-being.  The Indian system of Ayurveda takes into consideration the Chakra system which runs through our bodies from base to 7th.  There is now a strong belief that chakras go upwards from the body to approximately the 40th chakra.  This means that this is mirrored downwards into the earth to 40 also!  When looking at this approach each one between the first and seventh has corresponding meridian lines, organs and emotions.  What happens if you connect all this information together?  Lets look at this against the First, Root, Earth or Base chakra?