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Essential Oils for Health and Wellbeing

After being plunged into “Daylight Saving” its time to take out the candles, and bring warmth into your life with warming foods – stews, casseroles, soups as well as festive aromas.  We can also bring warmth into the long dark evenings by diffusing essential oils.  Essential oils bring natural, delicious, warming, soothing and uplifting fragrances into the home.  Combined with the flicker of candlelight and the warm glow you are set to see the long winter nights through with ease.

What are essential oils?


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I recently took part in the Wantage Pilates Studio event on “Women’s Pelvic Health”.  Whilst I do not specialize in pelvic health, I was still able to contribute from the perspective of a Kinesiologist, Herbalist and Naturopath.  The title I decided on for my presentation was “Beyond Pelvic Health?”  This blog is based on the presentation I did for that event.


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Suffering from Insomnia?

Thomas Dekker the actor once said, “Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together.”  

Sleep hygiene can be called one of the essential pillars to our health.  As we are all unique it cannot be assumed that everyone needs a certain amount of sleep hours per night, but it can be said that when you wake up, the mind and body should feel refreshed and energized ready to face the day.  There is nothing worse than putting your head on the pillow and then circular thoughts start.  Your mind runs actively over the days business, difficulties, challenges, outstanding problems, worries to do’s and so on stopping you from nodding off into a peaceful slumber and good nights rest.


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Negative impact of Smart Metres

We live in a world that is ever increasing the levels of electro magnetic radiation (EMR).  This is manmade radiation used in mobile phones, WiFi, the Tetra-network and now the addition of so called Smart meters.  I am yet to understand what is smart in the smart meters, except of course the fact that this decreases the workforce who read meters periodically, which will increase the large energy giants profitability.  Oh and of course the fact that there is more control over what we are all doing?  Has anyone stopped to think about the security issues surrounding this meter?  If a cyber hacker can hack into our banks, what is to stop them hacking into your meter, and your data that the supplier has stored, as well as your home if you have an app to control the heating, lighting etc when


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Rosemary is not just for flavouring lamb?

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), the hardy Mediterranean shrub that not only looks gorgeous, smells divine but has many health benefits in addition to it being a wonderful herb for flavouring lamb, adding to strews and casseroles, to breads, muffins, as well as for flavouring desserts.  Beautifully versatile!

Whilst adding flavour to food, the bitters in Rosemary stimulate the appetite and absorption, as well as aiding digestion of fats and helping both hepatic and cellular detoxification.  Tannins present in rosemary protect the gut lining from irritation and inflammation. 


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Natural wellbeing with healthy diet

Health concerns everyone whether good or not so good. There are many routes to achieve the goal of health and wellbeing when the body or mind slips from homeostatic balance. Complementary or Alternative medicine gets its name because it provides either an alternative approach to maintaining or achieving wellness or from the fact that alternative medicines such as  kinesiology, herbal medicine, homeopathy and naturopathy are all very supportive of traditional,  allopathic medicine, assisting in enhancing treatment effects, helping the body manage chronic treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, as well as limiting negative effects to healthy  cells and body parts, when taking medications.


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Neurotoxins, obesity and lack of energy

Artificial sweeteners as the name suggests, are sweet to the taste, but do not contain any calories, therefore being marketed as a replacement for sugar.  Artificial sweeteners are not limited only to consumption in your cup of tea or coffee, they are widely used in diet fruit and fizzy drinks, confectionary, processed foods, including baked goods, canned foods and jams, as well as in some dairy products.  

The prolonged ingestion of artificial sweeteners may cause the body to change metabolically and therefore become dysfunctional.  Why might this be so?  From 1977 to 2001 Americans doubled their consumption of sweetened beverages and at the same time  the obesity rate skyrocketed.  Can these two supposed separate issues have some correlation?


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Natural remedy for heart disease

It is funny how things stick in your memory?  I was sitting in one of the many lectures at college and this time it was about cardio vascular disease and how herbs can positively affect symptoms and disease processes within the heart, the venous and arterial systems, such as arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol and high or low blood pressure.  The main herb that stood out from all those discussed was Crategeus monogyna or Crataegus oxyacantha.  In other words Hawthorn.  The lecturer introduced Hawthorn as the “Arteries of Great Britain” and its true when you look from an airplane window, or some other elevated position you see fields divided by hedgerows of beautiful Hawthorn.  At this time of year full of fresh green leaves and tightly closed pink and white  flowers waiting to spring to


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Dry skin brushing - the benefits

This time of year is always so special.  Everything starts to buzz with life and oscillate between bright, fresh, intense sun, extreme wind and rain.  All elements playing their role in generating new bright green growth, vibrant flowers and energy in everything and everyone!  Energy for “Spring Cleaning!”.

There are several thoughts about where the term “Spring Cleaning” came from.  It appears to date back many centuries and could have been influenced by several traditions.  The Jewish tradition during Passover (March and April) requires the removal of all leavened products from the house including  utensils used for making these products.  In doing so it is thought that this time was also taken for cleaning the house thoroughly.


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Health eating and leadership

It is easy to get on a soap-box and start to spout about eating habits and following a healthy food regime,  to be self-righteous and ignore the challenges of day to day life that affect us all.  What are those challenges?