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We are in that season of active creepy crawlies, biting things and things that sting. All part of the great British summer, as well as in other countries in the Western hemisphere that we are visiting to enjoy the sun and sea or to simply experience something different.


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Sunscreen is something that most of us would not go without during the summer season. As we know, the sun’s rays can be very damaging to the skin and can potentially with extensive periods of time under the sun’s rays, lead to skin cancer. Consequently, we use it liberally for our children and ourselves when taking time out in the sun, whether on holiday, hiking, gardening or simply sitting outside to catch some rays. For a parent, making sure your young children are protected when outside is often a challenge as they are not interested in hats, most clothes as well as being covered from head to foot in sun cream.


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Avoid sticking plaster treatment - treat the cause and not the symptoms

With the ever-escalating chronic disease, including autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, cancers of various kinds, as well as just being unwell, lacking energy, feeling tired and fatigued, catching one cold after another, it is important that practitioners keep an eye on the cause while treating the symptoms. Of course, we want to alleviate the client from pain and discomfort by treating the symptoms, but not at the cost of losing track of the main cause.


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Tips for beating cold grey days

Many of us find it difficult to cope with the inclement, cold, grey weather. With the shortage of sunlight comes the desire to simply stay indoors, bunker down, eat warming hearty foods, probably a bit too many sugary foods, forgetting the New Year resolutions or monthly targets to improve diet, exercise more, or simply lead a more healthy life.


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Coming out of winter months and transitioning into spring is always a special time of year as everything starts to buzz with life and oscillate between bright, fresh, intense sun, extreme wind and rain.  All elements playing their role in generating new bright green growth, vibrant flowers and energy in everything and everyone!  Energy for “Spring Cleaning!”.


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Electromagnetic field lines in the home

As our world becomes more reliant on electrical frequencies to drive the digital world in which we live, could this be having an impact on health? These two things are seldom thought of together and in this blog guest blogger Samir  Derrar, EMF Consultant of and trusted partner of Green Key Health, explains the technology and potential effects on mental and physical health.

EMF stands for Electro-Magnetic Field and is a term that is usually used to refer to the energy radiated from any electrical or electronic equipment or device as well as the connecting cables to a power source.


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How grief can affect the living

Grief is something that at some point in our lives we are all subject to and suffer from, some for a longer period of time and some for a shorter period of time. As sure as being born we know that we will die at some time and that loved ones will miss us and we will miss them. Certainly, the emotion of grief is not only related to the loss of a person; father, mother, sister, bother, friend, but also animals who share our lives, give so much joy and companionship, but they also go to a place beyond Mother Earth, having fulfilled their soul contract.

What is Grief?


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The Northern hemisphere’s long winter months is characterised by short daylight hours, the cold and damp and very often heavy grey days that never seem to get going, is the time for seasonal colds and flu.

Perhaps you have already had several vaccinations including seasonal flu vaccine and of course the latest Covid booster. Understanding that these shots are not stopping the infection and transmission of any new variants of Covid, we have to ask what else is out there that could be of benefit in keeping us all healthy. The answer lies with Echinacea. This fabulous go-to herb is for just this time of year.  Over the festive season I was reminded of just how effective and wonderful this herb is.

A personal recent story using Echinacea:


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Food is not just something that is eaten to provide life, food is much more than that. As Jill Dupleix said “Don't eat vegetables because they are good for you. Eat them for one reason alone. Because they are gorgeous.” This quote could easily be applied to food in general – Don't just eat food because it is good for you. Eat it because it is gorgeous.


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This blog has been a long time in the coming. In my practice as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist I see many clients with issues connected to weight, especially being overweight with the desire to lose some of it. Invariably the person has tried everything from several of the many diets out there – paleo, counting calories, juicing, veganism and in desperation doing something as drastic as having a gastric band fitted through invasive surgery to lessen the size of the stomach, which in turn means you eat less, thus helping you lose weight. That's the theory any way