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How grief can affect the living

Grief is something that at some point in our lives we are all subject to and suffer from, some for a longer period of time and some for a shorter period of time. As sure as being born we know that we will die at some time and that loved ones will miss us and we will miss them. Certainly, the emotion of grief is not only related to the loss of a person; father, mother, sister, bother, friend, but also animals who share our lives, give so much joy and companionship, but they also go to a place beyond Mother Earth, having fulfilled their soul contract.

What is Grief?


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The Northern hemisphere’s long winter months is characterised by short daylight hours, the cold and damp and very often heavy grey days that never seem to get going, is the time for seasonal colds and flu.

Perhaps you have already had several vaccinations including seasonal flu vaccine and of course the latest Covid booster. Understanding that these shots are not stopping the infection and transmission of any new variants of Covid, we have to ask what else is out there that could be of benefit in keeping us all healthy. The answer lies with Echinacea. This fabulous go-to herb is for just this time of year.  Over the festive season I was reminded of just how effective and wonderful this herb is.

A personal recent story using Echinacea:


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Food is not just something that is eaten to provide life, food is much more than that. As Jill Dupleix said “Don't eat vegetables because they are good for you. Eat them for one reason alone. Because they are gorgeous.” This quote could easily be applied to food in general – Don't just eat food because it is good for you. Eat it because it is gorgeous.


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This blog has been a long time in the coming. In my practice as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist I see many clients with issues connected to weight, especially being overweight with the desire to lose some of it. Invariably the person has tried everything from several of the many diets out there – paleo, counting calories, juicing, veganism and in desperation doing something as drastic as having a gastric band fitted through invasive surgery to lessen the size of the stomach, which in turn means you eat less, thus helping you lose weight. That's the theory any way


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Rachel was interviewed by The Association of Master Herbalists as part of their "Meet the Herbalist" series last year. Watch the video here, or read the transcript if you prefer:



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Medicine – Reactive or Proactive, Individual or Whole?

How is it that our medical system has become reactive and looks at the human mind and body in separate parts addressing only those parts that are malfunctioning, ignoring the rest?

Treating the Whole Person

Oftentimes, I am working with a client who is being treated allopathically for some kind of health condition, for example acid reflux, insomnia, hypertension or arthritis, and the medication they are taking is causing other conditions to appear – swollen ankles, malabsorption of vitamins and nourishment from food, tension headaches, nausea and so on.


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Woman drinking water

With the incredible temperatures we are experiencing this summer, the need to drink to keep hydrated is essential to avoid fainting, drowsiness, light-headedness and lack of energy.


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For as long as I can remember, the British population has received and continues to receive information about foods that are good for you to eat and foods that are not good for you. Do you remember the great margarine challenge? Is it margarine or butter and how those chosen to do the tasting were unable to “tell the difference” because margarine tasted so good?


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Back at work in the office, or even if you are still working from home, working in the current heat of 25-27 degrees C can be quite difficult, heat often causes difficulty concentrating and drains energy in simply trying to stay cool.  Here are a few tips on how you can stay cool in the summer heat:


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During the hot June week, I was sitting in my garden enjoying my lunch pondering on which herb to feature in this month’s blog. Starring me in the face was and still is the beautiful Lemon Melissa, a calming herb commonly known as Lemon Balm, or by Melissa officinalis, its Latin name. “Melissa” comes from the Greek for bee and refers to the great attraction the plant holds for bees during its short flowering season.